Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July ~ Summer of Reading Giveaway!

Welcome to the 4th of July ~ Summer of Reading Giveaway!

The authors below are offering up $150 Amazon Gift Card 
so you can get your read on!

Please check out the books below, some are Free, Free with KU, or Inexpensive.


Young Adult 
Awaken3scales cover
"Awaken" by Sarah M. Ross 
"Scales" by Pauline Creeden

New Adult
"Love's Secret Torment" FREE on Kindle Unlimited or 
eBook purchase for $2.99
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Sweet Romance
Broken Choices1frontshewillbeloved
"Broken Trails" by Bonnie R. Paulson
"She Will Be Loved" by Melissa Storm

Contemporary Romance 
12764573_10153649882554145_9175444023325309797_ooverthefenceOMC.EbookTVBM_med (3)
"Always For You" by Tawdry Kandle
"Over The Fence" by Lyssa Layne
"One More Chapter" by K. S. Thomas
"The Very Best Man" by Laura Stapleton

Women's Fiction
"Sunset" by Gail Priest

Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy
eBookCaelum proofnightoftroubleenlightenedcover 300 resolution
"Blood Lust" by Jill Cooper
"Caelum" by Mandie Stevens
"One Night Of Trouble" by Olivia Hardin
"Enlightened" by Melissa Lummis
"Reign Drops" by C. Patt

Science Fiction
"Outsystem" by M. D. Cooper

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Monday, May 2, 2016

A Note From Emmett ~ "Love's Secret Torment"

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Friendship, Love and Life... 

Sam- Carefree, innocent, and in love. All is destroyed when life has other plans. Love isn't easy, especially when mixed with dissapointment, heartache and broken trust.  

Alec- The weight of a life changing secret is suffocating. His love for her is his oxygen. Will his love be enough or will he be too late? 

Emmett- Life gives and life takes away. Tormented by what and who he can’t have. Will he fight or lose his soul? 

When fate steps in, their lives are irrevocably changed. 

Love's Secret Torment is the story of three people's search for answers as they deal with life's cruel turns. Does surviving their destiny and living with the aftermath come at too great a cost? Join them on their journey as they face the rocky steps of a fate-twisted adulthood.

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5 Stars! "A fast read that will tear your heart out, then give you hope, then take it away before restoring your faith in what a love story should be! Full of angst and love and friendship and heartache and most of all…LOVE." - StoryGirl

5 Stars! When I woke up the morning after finishing this book, I wanted to read so much more! You can tell the good stories from the great ones, by how much you think about the characters after the story ends. Let me tell you, this was a great one!- Mrs.CharityHale